Elena Beloki Resa

Elena Beloki is an antropologist (UNED 2014) and holds an Advanced Studies Diploma in Public International Law and International Relations from EHU/UPV  more specifically in European affairs. She holds also a BA  in Information Sciencies from EHU/UPV. She is preparing her PhD on the secession claims in current European Union, comparing the cases of many stateless nations. She works at Iratzar Foundation in Donostia, Basque Country. She is head of the International Department. Iratzar Foundation is an observer member of Transform Europe!.  In this way she was the general coodinator of the IV. Marxfem Conference and she manages projects as  “lives and territories” in Bilbo, in cooperation with EHU/UPV and Transform Europe! Her research interests are cooperation, integration and conflict in international community and she has edited as well as coordinated  many publications: in 2018 Iratzar: (“sovereignties”), in 2010 Jakin: (“Territories, conflicts and European Union”), or 2008 with Mondragon University/HUHEZI (“A glance at   International community”).