Daniela Vicherat Mattar

Dr. Daniela Vicherat Mattar is Associate Professor of Sociology at Leiden University College, The Hague. Having been academically formed at the intersection of various disciplinary fields in Chile, the UK and Italy, I describe my research with 3Cs: Cities, Citizenship and Care. My interest is on how material forms reflect larger social, cultural and political dynamics. I approach cities in Europe and Latin America by studying concrete formations (like public squares, malls, walls, open markets, museums), as well looking at socio-political egagements (social movements, collective action) and aesthetic forms of expression (street art, graffiti). In these three dimensions -the material, sociopolitical and aesthetic- people experience citizenship in various ways, reflecting in turn the paradoxical nature of care, both as a source of vulnerability but also resistance. A reflection on this later tension is the focus of my contribution to this MarxFem conference.